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Have you ever had a unique work of art made especially for you?


It can give you a unique and valuable experience.


If possible, I will start by meeting you where my exhibition is at the moment - so we can walk around and look at the options together and get to know each other a little. If it's in my workshop in Skotselv we can have a cup of tea and talk a little and share a tiny bit of life. I hear what hits you in my art, maybe even why. You will hear how the process takes place, how I can shape and color the sculpture according to your preference and get to know me a little. If you can not meet me, we will talk by phone or email, it will work out :-D. But I hope you will share some of your story with me in some way, because then you and your energy will be with me in the creative work. The energies we share and have around us in a meeting are important for the finished, artistic result. It feels personal and then the sculpture becomes personal.


An order like this takes time. As with all works of art, ceramic sculptures have several stages - so here you have to have patience - and enjoy yourself.


When the sculpture is finished, you can come to the studio and see it - or I can send you pictures of it. When you are satisfied and we agree that all is well and we can conclude the order  - then I can of course pack and send the sculpture if you can not pick it up directly from my.


This really is a special expeirence - and it's fun!

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