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Purchase Information


Smaller shipments that can be sent as a regular postal package (sensory eggs, posters, postcards and letters) are prepaid via vipps. Larger sculptures are sent in postal orders with tracking and insurance.

Art fee

Private sales are exempt from the art fee, but for public sales of works of art in Norway, the seller is required to collect a 5% art fee if the work costs more than NOK. 2000, -. The art fee is in addition to the sale price.

Bildende Kunstneres Hjelpefond (BKH) was established by the Storting in connection with the Act on Art Fees of 1948. (Act on the Sale of Visual Arts)

The law requires everyone who publicly sells original copies of works of art such as paintings, collages, drawings, prints, prints, lithographs, sculptures, tapestries, ceramics, glass art and photographic works to pay a fee of 5% in addition to the sale price. Copies of works of art made in a limited number by the artist himself or with the relevant consent are considered to be original copies.

A share of the art fee funds goes collectively to BKH. Since the beginning, the fund has given almost NOK 300 million back to the artists, and in 2011 approx. NOK 23 million in the form of scholarships and support. The fund is thus a significant player and grant partner in the art field, and makes an important contribution to ensuring diversity and further innovation in Norwegian visual art.

In the case of public sales, I or the gallery owner where I exhibit are responsible for collecting, paying in and reporting for the fee. Works of art that are sold privately or have a sale price below NOK 2,000 are not taxable.

Shipping, pickup and delivery

You are most welcome to visit me in my workshop and bring your sculpture from there.

Since I commute between Skotselv and Skollenborg, I can also deliver directly to you if you are in the vicinity of these areas.

I am happy to pack and send you what you want - all the way home to you no matter where in the world you may be. Shipping is in addition to the price.

Smaller shipments such as Sanse eggs, posters, postcards and letters can be sent in a regular postal package. Norway package with tracking and insurance costs 149, -.

Shipping the slightly larger sculptures requires shipping boxes that are built according to the artwork's specifications with internal stabilization of the work so I'm sure it will reach you completely and safely. The cost of this is in addition to the price of the sculpture. In Norway, the Norway package with postage, tracking and insurance costs less than 10 kg 225, -. over 10 kg 344, -.

If it is practical and cost-effective, you can choose whether you want to use a reusable shipping box that can be sent back to me. You then deposit at the checkout and get the deposit back when the checkout is with me again. I am very much in favor of reusing all kinds of resources, so if we get to this, it would have been great. We agree this in advance.

International customers
I am happy to send you my art no matter what country you are in. The buyer then pays the expenses incurred for international shipping boxes, handling fees, any export fees / charges and customs duties.

Damage during shipping

When shipping in Norway by postal order, the artwork is insured via the post office for 10,000 until it is delivered to you. If you suspect damage when inspecting the packaging, you must take photos of both the packaging and the artwork in addition to sending a written description of the damage. Then send the artwork back to me. Once you have sent me information and photos by email, I can take the case further with the postal service / insurance company.

Should this accident occur, you will of course be reimbursed for your costs. Credits are made to the same account number. Then I hope we can discuss the possibility that I make a new work of art especially for you. It can be a rewarding experience and an exciting process to be involved in influencing the direction of a work of art.

Sales documents

When buying sculptures, I will attach a receipt and proof of authenticity with a description of the work and an artistic statement.

The color reproduction of photographs of works of art

I do my best to reproduce the sculptures as accurately as possible, but the color reproduction in images will vary slightly from screen to screen. The best thing is of course that you come and see the original in daylight.



I like personal encounters with those who buy art from me, because here I have a personal relationship with my sculptures. If it suits you, I would like us to meet when you pick up your sculpture or during the exhibition period where you have seen the artwork. You are most welcome to my workshop. Meeting people who like my art is one of the bright spots in my life.

Welcome as a customer

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