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Art and folkmusic




When the conditions are right, I like to hold a mixture of concert and story about the art and the inspiration behind it - in the showroom. Art and music complement each other where they meet in this creative field. An exciting, lively dialogue is created when flutist Hanne Wigen plays the "magic twig" and I sing folksongs or chant and talk about the art and life - in the middle of the exhibition. The artistic space filled with the sculptures and photographs becomes an extension and a deepening of the music.

My art is a confirmation of us as whole, beautiful women and therefore helps to provide security and acceptance for us as people and musicians. The musicians and the listeners has no surge of chievement other than being beautiful just the way we are. We can meet where the guidance from society is peeled away, where nothing is advanced or difficult, just joyus, alive and spontaneous.


Hanne and I are responsive and trust each other. It allows for spontaneity in both tone choice and words. We experience strong cohesion and affirmation in this living space.


"Playing in a room surrounded by Harriet's art provides security. I feel free at the same time as I feel held. I feel so at home. Then I feel whole ».

Hanne Sønneve Wigen January 2021

In our desire to convey and be part of something real, a kind of larger unity is created. A small door opens into what really matters.


This is a unique, small contribution that the two of us can make to the listener.


It's genuine, it's important and it can become a bit magical.

foto Fred Kuyper Harriet.JPG

photo Fred Kuyper

foto Fred Kuyper Hanne.JPG
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