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Since my first solo exhibition in 2012, I have used different types of large canvas with art photographs taken by photographer Silje Holter as a background for my sculptures. They show details in the works of art and create atmosphere - my mood - in the exhibition space. This creates a much stronger exhibition than if the sculptures stand alone. The effect of this can be massive in small rooms and it creates dominance in challenging rooms where there is e.g. architectural elements that compete with art.


Galleri Møllabekken 2012 Foto Silje Holt

Gallery Møllabekken 2012

As of Mai 2021, I can offer two types of exhibitions.




sculptures in ceramics by Harriet Fjeldheim


This is my tribute to wrinkles, new beginnings and gratitude for the music.


The exhibition has 3 themes:

  • Strong Women

  • Music relief

  • Sense-egg


In the sculpture series Strong Women, I want to pay tribute to how our lives markes our faces and makes us distinctive, clear, strong and much, much more beautiful - the opposite of the voice from today's destructive beautyideal in advertisments.


The surface of my sculptures contains marks, grooves and cracks. It is reminiscent of scars and wrinkles and gives a feeling of age and weather bites. This enhances the feeling of lived life and gives each sculpture a clear and strong personality. This has become a signature of my works.


In the musical reliefs I want to show my gratitude for the music, my enthusiasm for the beauty of the musical instruments and the brave, naked exposure of the raw feelings of the musicians. I try to create a sense of living instruments.


Sensory eggs are figurative and tactile sculptures. When the two physical realities - the egg and a physical representation of a human sense - merge, something exciting happens. The sense is left detached and alone. It feels newborn .. reinforced .. more visible .. stronger ..

Galleri Møllabekken 2012 Foto Silje Holt

Gallery Gamle Eidsfos - Strong Senses 2020

Krona 2018 a.jpg


an art exhibition by Arek.G and Harriet Fjeldheim


Arek and I have for many years had a smithy and workshop next to each other in the old cellulose factory in Skotselv. He has worked as an artist all his life, but in recent years has further developed his many talents and here also exhibits works in origami, drawing, graphics and photography. It is good to share the work with such a versatile colleague and we get a lot of joy and inspiration from each other.


The materials we work with fit well together. Steel and clay are forged over coke and burned for days. These are ancient methods of human craft and it was in these materials that the first artists' creative joy broke out and took shape.

Areks beautiful, abstract, hand-forged steel sculptures and applied art dress my works very well, because both often use earthy colors.


With his large drawings and my background canvas, we can set our own, strong and artistic atmosphere in very large premises, see video from an exhibition in the Stenstrup building at Kongsberg Business Park in 2019. The premises are 2000 square meters.


Kongsberg Teknologipark Steenstrupbygget 2019

Krona 2018 c.jpg
KRONA Kongsberg - Strong Senses 2018
Hjemme 2020 c.JPG

Rogstadåsen Skollenborg - Forged Steel & Burned Clay 2020

Hjemme 2020 a.jpg

photo Arek.G-Art

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