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About me


I live with my son in Skollenborg near Kongsberg with a magnificent 180 degree view and the mountains of Skrim at my back.

My workshop is in Skotselv where I make ceramic sculptures. I received education on this subject at Telemark University College and from guidance by sculptor Trond Fredrikesen.

My inspiration comes from human encounters, my roots in folk music, stave churches and Viking heritage - all of which can be found in my local areas. I like the feeling of correct anatomy and make mostly figurative art.

Artist statement


My sculptures represent the basic and important elements of my life. Tradition and history, dignity, grounding, humor, welcoming changes and different forms of human musicality and movement.


The surfaces of my sculptures beget marks, grooves, lines and cracks. This gives a feeling of ageing and weathering and creates an association to wrinkles and scars. This reinforces the impression of lived life and creates a profound personality.


In the sculpture series Strong Women, I want to give voice to the beauty of aging. I use my art as a counterweight to the massive and false advertisements that pays homage to the smooth, flawless, unused and often boring beauty. It is a distortion of reality and damaging in many ways.


I want to pay tribute to the life that is lived. The strong, used face where a thousand smiles are nailed in place, where millions of thoughts are etched into the skin and the wrinkles of laughter are so deep they scratch the skeleton.


"Give me the once who got kicked about,

but got to their feet.

Give me the once whose breath was out,

but did not quit.

Give me that scratched, frayed soul who preserved

his love through it all and still dares to meet me

full of hope and fragile, fragile trust.

I will take care of it, because

you are my people.

You are mine.

Harriet Fjeldheim

More about the background and inspiration for each work of art under Shop.

Portrett 1.jpg
Workshop med kunstspire Sigrid, Tone og
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