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Skotselv Sculpturepark


Skotselv has a proud ironworks history and right in the center of the village, the locals and the municipality have joined forces to create a sculpture park that now contains 24 international sculptures or artistic ornaments in hand-forged steel.


I am chairman of the board of Skotselv Skulpturpark Forening and our purpose is to preserve, complete and further develop the sculpture park with signage, lighting and new sculptures.


The sculptures are made by artists from 11 different nations, but Arek.G is the main artist with the majority of the works.


We want to make Skotselv known as an "Art Village" and work to increase the local population's awareness and knowledge of the Sculpture Park. It is a goal for us to make Skotselvingene proud to incorporate Skulpturparken and art into their identity.

Skotselv Art center
Øvre Eiker municipality and the local Grendeutvalget in Skotselv decided in 2003 that they wanted to breathe life into the old blacksmith tradition in Skotselv. They therefore invite the blacksmith Arek.G to set up his smithy in the old Cellulose factory in Smedsvingen. Arek saw the potential in creating an art center, because there was enough building material for several artists and since then, many different artists and craftsmen have had their workshops / studios in the art center.


We are now 4 artists working in the art forms sculpture in different materials, drawing, painting, graphics, art photography, digital art, acting and music.


We have two galleries of a total of about 90m2 where we have an annual program with exhibitions, concerts and events. We also use the large gallery as a meeting room - "Meetings with Art at the Edge".

Presentation of Skotselv sculpture park and art center

Copyright Arek.G


photo Arek.G

Gata med lamper.JPG

Friendship rings 2011 Forged steel 280 x 600 cm including 14 artists from 9 countries and 4 continents foto Arek.G

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