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Black-brown, velvety matt bust, 2020

Low burning, white clay and oxide washing

Size approx. H40 x W18 x D16 cm

AMICA FORTIS - strong and friendly

  • Varmhvit byste med svartbrune, matte felt

    Produksjonsår 2023

    Keramikk med oksydvask

    Størrelse ca H36 x B16 x D19

    Fargeangivelsen på bildene kan avvike litt fra originalen.


  • Strong Women is the name of my s sculpture series with busts and relief of a queen. I let this woman's face get furrows, depressions and nicks, which appear as wrinkles and scars. This is a tribute to how life attaches itself to our faces and makes us clearer, stronger and much, much more beautiful.

    These sculptures have a strong personality. It often feels as if there is already a sculpture inside the camp when a new woman and queen appear. With such a distinctive face, it looks as if she has already lived a long life. It fascinates me to see how each and every face becomes unique, just like yours and mine.

    The original inspiration for Strong Women comes from a fragment of a sculpture by the Egyptian Queen Marytaton. It is in the Glyptoteket in Copenhagen. My teacher at Telemark University College, Trond Fredriksen, made a sculpture based on this fragment and I make my own, special version of this beautiful, old queen.

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