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PEPPart is the term we have given when artists (of all categories) taking their works with them and setting up professional art exhibitions in large companies' entrances, foyers or canteens. In the middle of the exhibition period - which is 2-3 weeks - the companies are offered a lecture by the artist.


This is how we bring art and knowledge about art out where people are and meet an audience where many do not usually go to the galleries.


PEPart is The Missing Link between industry and art.


PEPart requires that a person acts as a manager of the local arts and craftsmen who participate, creates an annual program for exhibitions in each company and is the intermediary with the companies that participate in this. The companies see a lot of different art in one year - the artists get to exhibit in many different places in one year and get greater sales opportunities.


The concept is based on the artists gaining access to transportable exhibition material, either by renting it via a local art association or the municipality - or by investing in their own, specially adapted exhibition material. To ensure a consistent, high quality, an important part of the concept is that the exhibition material has as similar a design as possible.

The company must make an area available for the exhibitions a certain number of times a year and can invest in regular art lectures.


PEPPart is about bringing art out to new groups in society and giving artists new arenas for display.


Research shows that art:

  • reduces social inequalities

  • improves work ability

  • increases dopamine production in the brain (pleasure hormone)

  • creates joy, imagination, creative urge and inspiration


"A report published by the WHO in November this year concludes that we now have enough evidence to establish that art and culture play an important role in health-promoting, preventive and rehabilitative work. The work that must now be done is to find sustainable and ethical ways to implement art and health projects, both nationally and regionally »


"Art and Culture reduces social inequality, is cheap and creates solutions"

  • Art and health projects offer solutions to health challenges for which the health sector does not have adequate solutions.

  • Art and health projects are cheap and help solve challenges related to scarce resources.

  • Art and health projects are important in the work of achieving global health goals, such as to reduce social inequalities in health. (WHO)


Social inequalities are the basis for the increased polarizations in society, says Dr. Gabor Maté

"The research is absolutely clear," Maté says. "The more inequality in a society, the more hate, the more dysfunction, the more mental illness, the more physical illness."


PEPPart's core value is to reduce social inequalities by showing and talking about professional art in a common language and unsolicitedly explaining subject terminology. We want to show artists' joy in the craft and inspire people to bring out their own creative energy.


After conducting surveys during two PEPPart exhibitions in industrial workplaces, it turns out that 96% of people enjoyed seeing art in their workplace and want to see it again.

They were curious about what was the background for the different sculptures and wanted to know more about them.

Many had not been to art exhibitions before and did not understand the system of numbering at the work and did not know that it referred to price lists and that the art was thereby for sale. We all learned a lot from it.


How to spread this local art-promoting, health-promoting and socially equalizing concept to all the country's municipalities and so on in the world?

  • By a municipal and national commitment to the concept

  • By us as the founders traveling around and giving lectures for municipalities and art associations - where we deliver our templates for free for both the construction of various collapsible exhibition material, textual descriptions and templates for this - and our experiences and advice.


This is a healthy way to go about letting art affect larger sections of the population than it does now.

The PEPPart concept needs funds to move forward. We seek support, but get in touch if this hits you and you want to realize PEPPart in your municipality. We appreciate good ideas!


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