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Behind the Leaf

Head with branch with steel leaves, horizontal, 2019

Sculptural collaboration with the artist Arkadiusz Gawecki

Forged steel and ceramics

Size approx. H16 x W14 x H20


  • Head with branch with leaves of steel, horizontal


    Sculptural collaboration with the artist Arek.G

    Forged steel and ceramics

    Size approx. W15 x W14 x L23

  • This sculpture is made in collaboration with the artist Arek.G. Arek is an artist with a big, beating heart for the creative joy, being in a real, artistic flow and the natural human desire to create. And he creates beautiful, exciting, functional, fascinating, both abstract and figurative sculptures in many shapes and materials. He is the initiator and main artist in the Sculpture Park in Skotselv - which consists of 24 international, hand-forged steel sculptures. He is a multi-artist and draws, photographs and creates works in origami and ceramics.

    We have made some sculptures together, for steel and ceramics dress each other. They are both the materials that the first artists marked with their artistic creativity. We often use a down-to-earth palette, but Arek has also given some of our collaborative sculptures tough, metallic colors, such as this one. It is very inspiring to collaborate with such a talented artist.

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